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About Time For Mauritania

Discover the hidden gem of North Africa with Time for Mauritania, your premier tour operator specializing in unforgettable journeys to this captivating country. Nestled between the vast Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, Mauritania offers a unique blend of ancient traditions, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage just waiting to be explored.

Our Tours

Sahara Odyssey

Embark on an epic adventure across the legendary Sahara Desert. Traverse towering sand dunes, camp under the starlit sky, and witness breathtaking sunsets over the endless horizon.

Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Mauritania. Explore ancient medinas, visit traditional Moorish villages, and experience the warmth and hospitality of the Mauritanian people.

Coastal Escapes

Relax and unwind on Mauritania's pristine coastline. From the tranquil beaches of Nouakchott to the fishing villages of Banc d'Arguin National Park, discover the beauty of Mauritania's seaside treasures.

Historic Treasures

Step back in time and explore Mauritania's rich history. From the ancient trading posts of Chinguetti to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ouadane, uncover the secrets of Mauritania's past.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Guides: Our knowledgeable guides are passionate about Mauritania and dedicated to providing you with an authentic and enriching experience.

Tailored Itineraries: Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, history buff, or nature lover, we’ll customize your itinerary to suit your interests and preferences.

Responsible Tourism: We are committed to promoting sustainable tourism practices that respect and preserve Mauritania’s natural and cultural heritage.

Exceptional Service: From the moment you inquire about a tour to the day you return home, our team is here to ensure your journey with us is seamless and unforgettable.

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