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Welcome to Time For Mauritania, your gateway to the enchanting landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Mauritania. Embark on a journey of discovery with us as we invite you to explore the hidden treasures of this North African gem.

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1 day Nouakchott tour

Experience the vibrant capital city of Mauritania in just one day! Our guided tour of Nouakchott takes you to the city's top attractions, providing a taste of its culture, history, and bustling atmosphere.

3 days Tour to Adrar

Dive into the heart of Mauritania's desert landscape with our 3-day tour to Adrar. Explore ancient caravan routes, discover hidden oases, and marvel at the breathtaking scenery of this remote region.

7 days tour to Adrar

Extend your adventure and delve deeper into the wonders of Adrar with our 7-day tour. Experience the rugged beauty of the Sahara Desert, encounter nomadic communities, and witness stunning sunsets over the dunes.

10 days to Adrar

For the ultimate desert expedition, embark on our 10-day tour to Adrar. Traverse vast sand dunes, visit ancient rock formations, and immerse yourself in the timeless allure of Mauritania's desert landscapes.

12 days tour to The 4 UNESCO sites

Discover the cultural and historical heritage of Mauritania with our 12-day tour to the country's four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Explore ancient towns, colonial architecture, and archaeological wonders on this immersive journey.

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At Time for Mauritania, we understand that choosing the right tour operator is essential to creating a memorable and enjoyable travel experience. Here's why you should choose us for your next adventure:


Experienced professionals with deep knowledge of Mauritania's culture, history, and geography.

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Personalized itineraries designed to match your interests, preferences, and travel style.

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Commitment to sustainable practices that respect Mauritania's natural and cultural heritage.

Unbeatable Savings

Competitive prices and exclusive deals on a wide range of flights. Special discounts and promotions for frequent flyers and loyal customers.

Hassle-free Booking

User-friendly platform for easy browsing, selection, and booking of flights. Flexible options for date changes, cancellations, and seat preferences.

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Access to a vast network of airlines and routes worldwide. Varied ticket classes to suit different preferences and budgets.

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Discover the hidden gem of North Africa with Time For Mauritania, your premier tour operator specializing in unforgettable journeys to this captivating country. Nestled between the vast Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean, Mauritania offers a unique blend of ancient traditions, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage just waiting to be explored.

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