In this section, we’d like to share some samples of what our clients had to say about our tour operator, guides, partners or services.

It was a nice tour really. I had a lot of fun. The seven days of my life that I spent in Mauritania, were not wasted because I saw beautiful sights. I'm thankful to you operator for the great service. I would recommend it to my friends back home in Bulgaria. I loved the food, and the lifestyle. My favorite area of Mauritania is Terjit Oasis.

Joanne Kostove February 17, 2014

I was surprised by the beauty of Mauritania. I loved the sand dunes that are everywhere. It's incredible how people could live like this with sand. The cusine was nice and the people were friendly. I had the greatest guide and funniest driver. If I had chance, I would definitely come back. Thanks for everything.

Suzan Ann March 11, 2015

My favourite spots were probably Ouadane and passing through some of the oasis towns, which were beautiful. I did like the variety of the trip - there was a lot of different things. The library at Chinguitti was good but the old town was not as good as Ouadane.

David Syme Lawyer April 11, 2018

I have just finished a 10 days trip around Mauritania and I am happy. I came because it was very interesting. This is thanked to before all others, the guide whom I was assigned to in my tour.
Mr. Hademine Ahmedou has proved to be a travelling experience all to himself. I have guided in the most professional way and have met a man that knows very much about his country. On top of that, he has proved to be an excellent company. The talks have been about much more than the sights we visited. I enjoyed his company immensly. At the same time, he has seemed to be able to solve the (little) problems we had during the voyage. I believe he is friendly by nature.
I would recommend him highly and gladly be on tours of his again.

Torben Madson Publisher March 12, 2018

My tour was wonderful. I've been to the Adrar and Banc d'Arguin, and I loved the places. By the time I was on a tour, the weather was not so nice, but I had fun anyway. I passes by some attractive sand dunes and houses. I thank your agency for the great services that we offered to me.

Cristina Rafael January 17, 2017

My experience in Mauritania was quite interesting. I only spent there one week and it was special. My favorite part of the country was Chinguetti. I found it an incredible site. All the rest are fine as well. I had to visit Port de Peche, and the scene there is amazing. I thank my tour guide and driver for their dedication.

Louis Mark September 9, 2016

The tour I had was better than many tours in some other countries. The variety of it was magic. I had to see sand dunes, mountains, oceans and ancient architecture. Banc d'Arguin was special to me because of all the birds I watched. I loved the food, my cook was professional. The people of Mauritania are unique, nice and generous. Thank you for it.

Lara Miguel Artist December 22, 2016

The tour in Mauritania was excellent. I can confidently say that it's our best tour operator yet. The itinerary was carefully thought through and well balanced. The trip represented great travel for the cost.  The transfers were perfect and done with a Four by Four cars. Everything worked like clockwork. However, it was the genius of the itinerary, coupled with our two passionate professionals, Sidi and Jemal, that put this trip into the A plus category. I already started planning returning to visit new places of this beautiful vast and peaceful land.

Barbara Smith, (Teacher) USA October 9, 2016