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Terjit (Coordinates 20.25°N 13.1°W)

This splendid oasis is not heaven on earth, but one step closer. Terjit is one of the best places to attract local and international tourists. It always has been popular and it is no wonder. The magic of the oasis lies behind the attractive ambiance it creates. Its happily sprawling-groves of palms and its fascinating springs and streams. At the cliff, two springs run in Terjit, one is hot but the other is cold; they meet to make a natural nice heat so visitors can have a great bath in the swimming pool. The night in the oasis is just as charming as the daytime. We love the fact that you can spend your relaxing evenings laying down near the water and the fresh air doing nothing, thinking about nothing and disturbed by nothing but thousands of fireflies that are celebrating life just as much as you do. The joy in Terjit is limitless and the experience and priceless.