The big question of safety in Africa is raised every now and then. It’s sometimes triggered by a shooting accident in Texas, a truck crashes people on Bastille Day in Paris, or simply by some suspicious package found near London offices. Stereotypes are doing the job of terrorist; scaring people. A lady who worked in post-conflict African countries said, ‘’I felt less safe in San Fransisco than in anywhere else in Africa.’’ The thing is African countries are no risky than all the rest of the world. Sometimes, it’s quite reversed.

The thing is danger is there everywhere. It has much presence even in the comforts of your own home; it’s just a matter common sense of how we try to avoid it. Among many things, one should know where not to go to avoid trouble, not be flashy nor walk at night.

The good news is that Mauritania is in the bottom of threats, crimes, robberies tourists face. The reason is vividly related to the nature of the people. The locals are very peaceful and friendly.

Nonetheless, incidents happen now and then. For that reason, we provide our visitors with all necessary instructions and advisory about how to avoid those problems and difficulties. Down bellow we list a number of do’s and don’ts:

–         Carry as little money as possible.

–         Watch your surrounding in public.

–         Don’t wear expensive jewelry or clothes.

–         Don’t carry large cameras.

–         Carry a photocopy of your passport in case it gets lost or stolen.

–         Never take out your credit cards in public.