Arrive in the International airport of Nouakchott

  • Meet driver and guide.
  • Assistance at the Airport
  • Transfer to the Guesthouse
  • 8 M, Meet the guide
  • Go to the National Museum. Visit different sectors of the Museum.
  • Go to the colorful Marchè Capital. Visit shops and the Market surroundings.
  • Walk to Hotel EL Khater.
  • Go the Friday Mosque of Nouakchott.
  • Meet the Driver. Go to the Zein Art Gallery, if open.
  • Transfer to the Guesthouse. 
  • Go to the Beach of Nouakchott
  • Meet the staff at 5.
  • Go to the fish Market / Watch the fishermen go out and bring back their catch.
  • Go to the Dunes of Nouakchott
  • Transfer to the Hotel
  • Later at night, assistance and transfer to the Airport.

NB This very tour is customizable to meet every client’s needs. It can be divided on two days, or rushed in one.