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Ouadane (Coordinates: 20°55′N 11°37′W )
This is the city that almost every visitor falls in love with. The views, the architecture, the hospitality and the ruin. It has very charming ruined stone houses that leave nothing to be desired in the rest of the tourist’s trip. It’s mostly famous for its impressive palm groves, mosques and libraries
Ouadane is a very small town that was founded in the 11th century. It’s situated on the southern edge of the Adrar Plateau, 93 km northeast of Chinguetti. It played an important role when it came to Trans-Saharan trade as well as for caravans passing the Sahara carrying goods, especially slabs of salt from El Djil. Later in history, exactly in 1487, a Portuguese trade center was established in the area, but it’s widely thought that the Portuguese trade post soon diminished.
As Ouadane is an evoking remnant of the past Sahara, UNESCO designated it as a part of the World Inheritance to humanity. Put on the edge of a mountain and covered by the ruined houses of stone.