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Things you must do in Nouakchott (coordinates 18°6′N 15°57′W)


Port de Pêche:
This is the tourists’ main attraction when they visit the capital city of Mauritania. Colorful and dynamic, you will see hundreds of fishermen dragging fishing nets with great effort and bringing home their variant catches of fish and seafood. The view of seeing these skilful men of the sea working the hardest under the beating sun is just incredible. Fish sellers can sometimes be sensitive about taking photographs of their fish and them.


The Friday prayer mosque of Nouakchott:
Though Friday prayer is done in a number of mosques, but the Saudi mosque is the official one in the country. It was funded by Saudi Arabia; it’s very big in size and similar in architecture to the one of Al Madina Al Munawarra mosque in Madinah. Non-Muslims are disallowed to enter it but they can take pictures from the outside.


The national museum of Mauritania:
It’s nothing less than the other attractions of the city. It’s located in the center has two galleries. In the first one, there’s an archaeological exhibits gallery. While the other is more of recent ethnographic culture of the Moorish. A visit to this display represents a flashback of Mauritanian life style a long time ago.


Galerie Zeinart:
The is one most pleasant and interesting spots to visit in Nouakchott. It keeps giving foreign visitors a full range of unexpected excellent surprises. It offers an exquisite selection of jewelry, clothing, silver-decorated boxes, and extra unique objects. The Gallery is owned by a French couple who lived in Mauritania for over 15 years.


The Beach of Nouakchott:
It’s a virgin white sand spacious beach with blue cold water of the ocean. It’s clean, inspirational and good for relaxation. There’s a small restaurant, so you can order some snacks. You might see people with religious clothes, but you can still put on some swimsuits.