The flourishing diverse tour.


Day1: Nouakchott

  • Arrive in the International airport of Nouakchott
  • Meet driver and guide.
  • Assistance at the Airport
  • Transfer to the Hotel

Day2: Chinguetti

  • Driving on the tar road. Going through AKjojet and the Atar, the capital of Adrar region.
  • We keep moving to Chinguetti.
  • Arrive in Chinguetti, visit the library, the Mosque.
  • Adventurous driving on the huge sand dune of Guetti.
  • Watch the enchanting sun if the clouds clear up.
  • Go back to the Auberge to spend the night.

Day3: Ouadane

  • Northeast, 93 km of driving, a little bit out of the way.
  • Passing by a number of small villages, and probably visiting some nomads.
  • Visiting the famous mysterious Eye of Sahara
  • Reach Ouadane by midday.
  • Having some rest at the Auberge.
  • In the afternoon, doing our visit to the ruin of ancient Ouadane.
  • Visit the library if open.
  • Back to relax at the Auberge.

  Day4: Terjit

  • Leave Ouadane. Pass by the Amogjar pass which has a breathtaking canyon
  • Taking pictures of the abandoned house that was made for the film Fort Saganne.
  • Visit some wonderful prehistorical paintings in the area.
  • Pass by the palm groves oasis Tewnechert
  • Then we drive to the oasis of Terjit.
  • Visit the water spring streams.
  • Spend the night in tents.

Day5: The National park

  • Leave Terjit pass by Nouamghar and the new town of Chami.
  • Reach the World heritage site Banc d’Arguin.
  • Swim at the beach of Arkeiss and/or walk on the cliff.
  • Night in Mauritanian tents with the sound of waves.


Day6: The National park

  • Wake up early in the morning for sailing.
  • Meet the boatman in Iwik, 30 km of Arkeiss.
  • Go sailing, spend almost five hours in the sea.
  • Visit small islands, watch hundreds of birds changing location.
  • If lucky, we see dolphins and gazelles.
  • Go back to shore.
  • Go back to Iwik, relaxing night in local tents.


Day7 Nouakchott

  • Drive back to the capital city
  • Go to the National Museum, if open. Visit different sectors of the Museum.
  • Go to the colorful Marchè Capital. Visit shops and the Market surroundings.
  • Visit to Hotel EL Khater.
  • Go the Friday Mosque of Nouakchott.
  • Meet the Driver. Go to the Zein Art Gallery, if open.
  • Go to the fish Market / Watch the fishermen go out and bring back their catch.
  • Transfer to the Hotel
  • Later at night, assistance and transfer to the Airport.