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Banc d’Arguin: (Coordinates 20°14′N 16°06′W )
With more than 2 million birds arriving annually from Europe in winter, Siberia and Greenland, Banc d’Arguin is listed a Mauritania’s UNESCO World Heritage. By attracting flamingos, pelicans, terns and many other species it became one of the best spots on planet Earth for bird-watching. Its importance is because of the fact that it is a welcoming warm home for flying nesting birds from all corners of the planet. The landscape of the coast is also unique and phenomenal; it’s simply a cocktail of mudflats, swamps, shallow ocean waters, islands, sea grass beds and even sand dunes of the desert. In addition, it’s a shelter for more than 40 fish species, hyenas, whales, dolphins and sea turtles, etc. Gazelles can also be witnessed on land every now then. A fishing boat, with a fisherman, takes tourists around in the park to bird-watch, look for gazelles and dolphins, and see some surrounding islands.