Day 1:

  • Arrive in the International airport of Nouakchott
  • Meet driver and guide.
  • Assistance at the Airport
  • Transfer to the Hotel

Day 2:

  • 10 A.M, Meet driver and guide
  • Go to the National Museum. Visit different sectors of the Museum.
  • Go to Marchè Capital. Visit shops and the Market surroundings.
  • Transfer to the Hotel.
  • Meet the stuff at 5.
  • Go to the fish Market / Watch the fishermen go out and bring back their catch.
  • Transfer to the Hotel

Day 3

  • Meet the guide at 10 AM.
  • Walk to Hotel EL Khater.
  • On top of the Hotel, have a panoramic view of the city.
  • Go the Friday Mosque of Nouakchott.
  • Meet the Driver. Go to the Zein Art Gallery.
  • Transfer to the Hotel.
  • At 4 30 Meet the driver and guide, and go to the beach.
  • Relax at the beach and swim probably.
  • Transfer to the hotel.
  • Later at night, assistance and transfer to the Airport.


Fast tip: Bring some books because they can be the only entertainment you have sometimes.